My Life as a Writer

Title: Finding Time to Write While Juggling a Travel-Heavy Day Job

As an aspiring author with a day job that involves frequent travel, you might feel like your writing dreams are constantly being put on hold. For me, they were literally put on hold, a little by my own laziness, and a little by feeling like I simply did not have the time when I landed the amazing job I have now. But fear not! With some creativity, determination, and smart time management, you can make … Read more

From Classroom Inspiration to Amazon: My Journey as a Children’s Author

The inspiration for ‘The Littlest Bloops’ came from observing how children often approach differences with curiosity rather than judgment. Their innate openness inspired me to craft a story that encourages readers of all ages to embrace diversity and find common ground. But there are not just littles in this story, and you know I couldn’t let the adults off light. Honestly, a lot of the adults’ attitudes toward each other in the tale were inspired by my own biases, many of which I was completely unaware of, and only became aware of with the help of outsiders, such as my younger sister, Ashley.

The Struggle is Real: Writing with a Chihuahua

As I sit here trying to compose my thoughts, I can feel those big, round eyes boring into my soul. My chihuahua, Honey, is curled up on the couch next to me, her tiny body tense with anticipation. She knows I’m about to embark on another writing session, and she’s not happy about it. You see, being a writer is challenging enough. We face writer’s block, imposter syndrome, and the constant pressure to produce engaging … Read more

Confessions of a Lazy Creative: My Journey to Cure Writer’s Block

As I sit here, staring at the blinking cursor on my screen, I can’t help but chuckle. Here I am, tasked with writing about curing writer’s block, when I’ve spent more time blocked than actually writing over the past few years. But maybe that’s exactly why I’m the perfect person to tackle this topic. After all, who better to discuss overcoming creative stagnation than someone who’s intimately familiar with its paralyzing grip? Let me take … Read more

The Journey from First Draft to Polished Manuscript: Why Beta Readers are Essential

As a novelist, I’ve learned that writing the first draft is just the beginning of a long and intricate process. The path from initial idea to published book is filled with crucial steps, each playing a vital role in refining and perfecting the story. Today, I want to focus on one of the most important elements of this journey: beta readers. Now,, I am emberrased to say this, but I felt compelled to post this … Read more

I’m Writing Again! And it’s Thanks to Ai!

As a fantasy novelist and children’s book writer, I’m always exploring new tools to enhance my creative process. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with AI assistants, particularly an AI called Claude, to boost my writing productivity and creativity. A little truth first, I have hardly written anything in almost three years. Not sure what the issue was, just truly uninspired. But I had a friend suggest using AI to generate some prompts for me and see … Read more

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