From Classroom Inspiration to Amazon: My Journey as a Children’s Author

From Classroom Inspiration to Amazon: My Journey as a Children’s Author

Hello again. The self proclaimed lazy creative here. Just wanted to write something simple this go around. A little peek into my journey of writing children’s books. It all started long ago, with a silly little story dreamt up in the mind of my very own little.

The tale began as a silly idea from my 8-year-old, involving a young girl stumbling across a tiger in the jungle doing… well… doing his business. This hilarious concept blossomed from there into a heartfelt story. It was pretty easy to see the entertainment value in the story. I mean, come on, it was hilarious – I’d tell you more, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it. You’ll just have to order a copy! But it wasn’t just the comedic value that I appreciated about the story. As Gwen and I sat down to flesh out the tale, we thought of a good topic that most kids can relate to – bullying. Then we ran with that idea and ended up writing a meaningful story about empathy, and understanding the experiences that shape us all. And so, Tiffany’s Tiff was born, which you can grab on Amazon, by the way. Little did I know that this would be just the beginning of my adventure in children’s literature.

That first book taught me the importance of addressing real issues in ways that resonate with young readers, as well as with their parents, since both books I have written so far in the world of children’s leterature are meant to be read together by children and their parents. Hopefully, the words Gwen and I put down will help parents to have open conversations with their children about bullying. By exploring the bully’s perspective in Tiffany’s Tiff, we opened a dialogue about empathy and the hidden struggles others may face. The positive response from children, parents, and educators alike fueled my desire to create more stories that could make a difference.

Over the years, I honed my craft. Eventually (remember, we’re talking about a self-proclaimed lazy creative here), I found inspiration for another children’s story. And I learned from mine and Gwen’s first story one crucial element to keep at the forefront: getting into the mind of a child. I found that the most impactful stories came from truly understanding a child’s perspective, their fears, joys, and the way they see the world. This approach led me to my most recent title, “The Littlest Bloops.

The Littlest Bloops” marks an exciting new chapter in my writing journey. It’s the first installment in a series called “Lessons From Littles,” which aims to tackle big issues through the eyes of our smallest citizens. This tale of two cultures learning to overcome biases and unite as a community reflects the kind of meaningful storytelling I’ve always strived for. I’ve always – ever since my filmmaking days – only wanted to write something that can impact lives.

The inspiration for “The Littlest Bloops” came from observing how children often approach differences with curiosity rather than judgment. Their innate openness inspired me to craft a story that encourages readers of all ages to embrace diversity and find common ground. But there are not just littles in this story, and you know I couldn’t let the adults off light. Honestly, a lot of the adults’ attitudes toward each other in the tale were inspired by my own biases, many of which I was completely unaware of, and only became aware of with the help of outsiders, such as my younger sister, Ashley – shout out! She’s pretty smart. And it was actually her wisdom that inspired me to write this book, after having several conversations with her as to how we develop such biases at such a young age. If you think this is also a topic that you may want to have a conversation with your little about, go pick up a copy on Amazon.

As I reflect on my journey from Gwen’s second grade classroom-inspired story, to having multiple titles available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats, I’m filled with gratitude. Each book represents not just my growth as a writer, but my growth as a human, and the collective wisdom of the children who’ve inspired me along the way.

The “Lessons From Littles” series is my way of paying forward all I’ve learned. By continuing to step into the shoes of young readers, I hope to create stories that entertain, educate, and inspire empathy for years to come. Keep an eye out for “The Littlest King” – a title that my wife and I are working on together, as the story idea was all hers. She is also the brains behind the title of the littles series.

To all the aspiring children’s authors out there, remember: the key to touching young hearts and minds lies in never losing touch with the child within yourself. Listen to the little ones around you – their imaginative ideas, their pure perspectives on the world. These are the seeds from which the most magical stories grow. And remember that our littles these days are way ahead of where we were in many ways! Tackle those tough subjects, help our littles to grow up to be better than we were, as each generation should be. But also, don’t forget to be silly.

I invite you to join me on this journey by checking out one of my most favorite stories, “Tiffany’s Tiff“, which I had the privilege of writing with my very own little, as well as “The Littlest Bloops” and stay tuned for more adventures in the “Lessons From Littles” series. Together, we can help shape a generation of compassionate, understanding readers, one story at a time.

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